Tattoos by Danny Boy

9 Responses to Tattoos by Danny Boy

  1. Diamond Jim says:

    Hey Danny!
    Cool to see you again in Amdam on opening day. I had a blast”!!
    I want to visit you guys maybe around spring time. I’ll keep in touch.
    Best regards,
    D. Jim

  2. dave says:

    love the smokin reaper!

  3. Robert says:

    Danny, I met you back in 2007 while you were at Forever in Sac Town. You did a couple of tattoo’s on my arm’s. A Sparrow that say’s grandma. A Suger Skull that appeared in a japanese mag. A skull, with a snake wrapped around a knife. (my favorite by the way.)Great turn out. If you remember, You also did a tiger on my arm for 7 hours and we never got to finish it. I’m here to say, me an the ol’ lady are almost done saving, to go see you, so I can finish this tattoo. See you soon, Robert

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  5. Spenser says:

    If youre looking for a shop with a great atmosphere and cool artists then this is the place to check out. Danny Boy did an amazing job on my arm. Very proffessional and I couldnt be happier with the work. He listened to my input and designed a great custom piece with what I wanted in mind. The shops unique and comfortable. Chances are theyll be playing some great tunes to make you feel at home. You will leave wanting to go right back.

    Thanks again guys

  6. Ciao ragazzi.
    Grande Danny sono contentissimo per il tatuaggio della rondine. Spero di farmi tatuare ancora da te perché sei un mostro di bravura. Lo studio di Amsterdam è fantastico.
    Ciao a tutti

  7. Nice collections keep it up! Great style tattoo designs for men

  8. maribel says:

    Hey Danny! This is kitchen appliance girl (toaster & blender) from London. Was just saying the story behind my tattoos and looked you up. Hope you have recovered 😀


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