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Miki Vialetto has recently brought some disturbing news to my attention regarding an editor of several UK tattoo publications and organizer of tattoo shows who is now planning to do a tattoo convention in London this spring. Miki has been putting on the International London Tattoo Convention for the past 7 years. I have been participating since the first one and just about everyone in the tattoo community would have to agree that this is one of, if not the best convention in the world. The reason for this is because everyone in the Tattoo World knows how dedicated and sincere Miki is. Although Miki is a dear friend of mine and we have always supported each other on a  personal and professional level, this matter goes beyond our friendship. This is not just a personal attack on Miki, but on what Miki represents which is TATTOO in its purest form. The same magic that drew me into tattooing, the same curiosity and desire that lead many of us to live out of a suitcase and live life “on the road” is what has always driven him. He has never been one to take without giving plenty back and one of the reasons I respect and love him is because he doesn’t see tattooing as just an industry or even his livelihood, but like me and the people who have taught me, he sees it as his life. He has been a caring member of the Tattoo Family for half his life. He ran around in the early and mid ‘90’s, first through Europe and then the world over with little cash and a lot of passion which he has never lost. His goal has ALWAYS been to share tattooing with the world.  After reading a letter Miki sent me I went on the websites of skin deep magazine and their conventions called, tattoo jam and tattoo freeze and found out that they also publish another magazine titled tattoo masters which has directly taken the formula of Tattoo Artist Magazine. Even though I have never met Crash, I have corresponded with him through the years and know that he shares the same love for Tattoo as we do.  It was obvious to me that these people have no remorse in capitalizing on other peoples hard work. There have always been and always will be  tattooers with little integrity who put greed before tattooing. However, this problem is on a much larger scale involving “outside people” with bigger budgets and no interest in tattooing other then to cash  in on what we cherish so much. Tattooing has allowed us to make an honest living doing what we love, but in recent years business savvy vultures have smelled the green and want in. I think it’s important that people realize who they are supporting! Whether it’s magazines, suppliers, or conventions, support people who love tattooing first and foremost!
Daniel O. Sawyer aka Danny Boy
Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
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    i will support this and cooperate in any way. much LOVE AND RESPECT FOR WHO REALLY DESERVE IT. P/V.

    • George Sanchez says:

      Orale mi Charlie. Con mucho respeto. Eres un guey k agradesco desir k eres mi amigo
      te quiero un chingo y siguele con la onda!!!

    • Mil gracias mi Charlie. It’s been a long time and hope you can make it out to Amsterdam sooner then later. Keep on doing what you, my friend.
      un fuerte abrazo and much love
      -Danny y Tizi

  2. George Sanchez says:

    Im with you 110% carnal. The true will stay true. Thanks for the periko at Por Vida. !!!!

  3. George Sanchez says:

    Con respeto a mi Tony Salgado,Diego Garcia, Clarens Monroy, Ben Miller, El Japo, Brad Mariachi, Loko Charlie, Kiki Platas, El Rafa y El Danny Boy, I may not tattoo but I know more about tattoos than the average tattooer. I’ve been getting tattoo since the age of to thirteen and I have seen people go to the cheapest shop. That’s the way it is nowadays. Only the few and far in between will realize the importance of a true tattooer. Con mucho respeto Los Apollo con todo mi corazon. Love you all and I will see you soon P/V:.

  4. RAT TATTOO says:


    • Thank you Rat for your comment. I checked out the websites for the great british show as well as the other ones they organize and out of hundreds of names I only new 8! They have no support from the Tattoo World, but will make their money off the general public. It’s important that UK tattoo artists reach their customers who are not necessarily tattoo fans and might go and pay to attend these shows.
      Kind regards
      Danny & Tizi

  5. For the frenchies. 😉
    IMPORTANT ! Merci de lire ceci.

    Miki Vialetto a récemment porté d’inquiétantes nouvelles à mon attention, concernant l’éditeur de plusieurs publications sur le tatouage au Royaume-Uni, également organisateur de tattoo shows, et qui annonce aujourd’hui l’organisation d’une convention à Londres au printemps prochain. Miki s’est placé sur la Convention internationale de Londres de tatouage depuis 7 ans. J’y ai participé depuis la première édition et l’ensemble de la communauté du tatouage doit être d’accord sur le fait qu’il s’agit de l’une des meilleures conventions au monde, sinon la meilleure. La raison en simple : Tout le monde sait à quel point Miki est dévoué et sincère. Bien que Miki soit un bon ami, et que nous nous soyons toujours soutenus mutuellement sur le plan personnel et professionnel, cette question va au-delà de notre amitié. Ce n’est pas seulement une attaque personnelle contre Miki, mais sur ce que représente Miki par rapport au tatouage dans sa forme la plus authentique. La même fascination qui m’a attiré vers le tatouage, la même curiosité et le désir qui amènent beaucoup d’entre nous à voyager, et pour qui vivre “on the road” a toujours permis d’avancer. Il n’a jamais été du genre à prendre sans donner beaucoup en retour, et l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je le respecte et je l’aime est qu’il ne voit pas le tatouage comme une simple industrie ou un gagne-pain, mais comme pour moi et pour ceux qui me l’ont transmis, le tatouage c’est sa vie. Il s’est impliqué dans le monde du tatouage pendant la moitié de sa vie. D’abord à travers l’Europe du début au milieu des années 90, puis dans le monde entier avec peu de moyens et beaucoup de passion, une passion qu’il n’a jamais perdue. Son objectif a toujours été de partager le tatouage avec le monde. Après avoir lu une lettre que Miki m’a envoyée, je suis allé sur les sites web du magazine Skin Deep et de leurs conventions, “Tattoo Jam” et “Tattoo Freeze”, et j’ai vu qu’ils publiaient aussi un autre magazine, “Tattoo Masters”, directement copié de la formule de “Tattoo Artist Magazine”. Même si je n’ai jamais rencontré Crash, on s’est écrit pendant plusieurs années et je sais qu’il partage la même passion pour le tatouage que nous tous. Il était évident pour moi que ces gens n’ont aucun scrupule à s’enrichir sur le dos de ceux qui travaillent dur. Il y a toujours eu, et il y aura toujours, des tatoueurs sans intégrité, dont l’ambition passe avant la passion. Toutefois, le problème que j’évoque se situe à une échelle beaucoup plus grande, impliquant des « personnes extérieures » au monde du tatouage, avec des budgets bien plus importants, et sans aucun autre intérêt pour le tatouage que celui de faire des bénéfices sur ce que nous chérissons tant. Tatouer nous a permis de gagner honnêtement notre vie en faisant ce que nous aimons, mais ces dernières années, d’habiles vautours mercantiles ont flairé le terrain et veulent le gagner. Je pense qu’il est important que les gens réalisent qui ils soutiennent ! Qu’il s’agisse de magazines, de fournisseurs ou de conventions : Soutenir les personnes qui aiment le tatouage abord et avant tout !

    Daniel O. Sawyer alias Danny Boy
    Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

    From this article :

  6. Marion Thill says:

    I am pretty convinced that it will not effect Miki`s convention at , no one but him has the good contact with the world greatest Tattoo artists! It is a shame and unfortunatly an everyday thing in our szene, People copying other peoples style, stealing designs, opening shops next to yours, selling equipent to anybody buying of artist…… the list is long and scarry! We need a strict ethical codex and a quality control label worldwide, so customers know where to go and who to trust!
    A person like Mikki could do this , it is time for a change the goverments need to see that we are a fullifledged profession and an important part of modern culture! we need protection from copycats wanebees and talent free scratchers, I think personaly that you should have a degree to get a license to Tattoo or pierce people! AND TO ORGANIZE A CONVENTION!!
    Mikki don´t worry i will not go to that convention!

  7. A Customer says:

    They are two different Things. Of course its a f…n shit if some Art Festival turn to commercial Show. Nobody from the scene or independent Arts lover want beeing “normal”.If Tattooconventions occupied by square m….f….r then bye-bye Tattoo Art. But this started with all this miami ink london ink berlin ink wtf ink tv shows for years. Now you have the problem,that conventions like milano or london or whatever,are organised by the same people,names miki vialetto,ore you can call it hells angels. Many Artist hate this biker organised same shit wherever in the world. The customer see the same artists,the same polynasian dance,the same freakshows,bands,and and and. Finally the same winner on the contest. Its good that you are since the first london show every year there.Maybe you are a giod friend from miki. Congratulation. I don’t like this lobbyism. The waiting list for Tattoo Artists its long to get a booth on the capitol conventions. And the customer want to see different shows, not the same. And if its possible: please! Without this rocker leather wearin’ drugdealer security. Commerce its shit,stillstanding its f..k. A boykott its stupid. The Customer will tell you finally what he want to see,thats evolution.

    • To Customer (if that is your real name…),
      First off, I am not lobbying for Miki, motorcycle clubs, or any other organization other then the tattoo world. I thought I made it clear that I was not writing this because of our friendship, but because of what he represents and for the work he has done in the tattoo world. I am, however, lucky to be his friend because anyone that knows him can say that he is a sincere, good-hearted person and, like I said before, loves tattoos as I do. As for your complaining about the freak shows, contests, bands, etc. Personally I don’t care for it either (except for the polynesian dance, which I do like). But apparently getting tattooed and a bar is not enough entertainment for you, the customer. I have never seen security dealing drugs at a convention (maybe you have) but incase you didn’t know there are a lot of tattooers who happen to like drugs. We’re not talking about stamp collectors conventions here. They are free to do as they like, as are you, the customer. You mentioned the long waiting list though, are you a customer or an ARTISTE? If you are an artiste and have been unable to get into either London or Milano, I will give you some advise, maybe you should try Timbuktu.
      Danny Boy

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